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I was born in the capital of the Land of Fire  🔥 Azerbaijan 🔥 

and still don’t know to this day if it is Europe or Asia.

I played as a daughter of a King 🤴🏻 in a historical movie when I was 6.

~ Spoiler alert ~ I got murdered by a Russian soldier. 🗡

I have a lot of friends that have never seen snow, 🤠 wild, right?

For 20 years I thought 🦀 Cancer was an animal.


My brother didn't have a name till 2nd grade. 🤪 

I was serenaded by the original voice of Ariel, 🧜🏻‍♀️ Jodi Benson,

and met the president of Disney, Josh D'Amaro, in one night.


My name is Fidan Zeynalova and I am a digital designer based in the US. I was born and raised in the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku. After finishing high school I started my bachelor's degree at a competitive university named the American University of Sharjah, located in the UAE. Initially, I studied BS in Multimedia Design, however, later on I decided to push myself even further and applied to the University of Florida, where I got the opportunity to move across the world to expose myself to different cultures and experiences.

Last year, I graduated from UF with the BFA in Graphic Design. Here, at UF, I also got the chance to participate in one of the longest student run design organizations, Vox Graphis, which later on helped me be part of the Ligature symposiums 2 years in a row. I was awarded with the best senior design award by Eddie Opara and Alexandra Zsigmond for my poster design in a class project on Spring 2019.


After few professional experiences throughout my undergraduate years, I was selected to be a part of The Walt Disney World company, and became a cast member, right after graduating, where I created a lot of creative projects but also made priceless memories. 

Currently, I am getting my graduate degree of MS in Creative Technology & Design at the University of Colorado Boulder. As human psychology and technology are the fields that I have always greatly fascinated by, I want to combine my creative background to design useful products that would reach people worldwide. :)

As I believe that people expand their knowledge and talent through encountering diversity, it is important for me as designer to be able to view design through multicultural lens that helps me become a better and open minded person. Overall, I am humbled that I was able to travel and learn about Middle Eastern, European, Asian and American design culture, while I pursued in my studies, which influenced me in my personal work and expanded my knowledge in visual communications.