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AiRtype Exhibit Branding

This is a branding/curation project for an exhibition held in an airport of any choice. The purpose of the branding, was to explore part of a history in design world. The artist for the exhibition had to be chosen from years prior to 2000, therefore I chose an astonishing calligrapher/typographer, Reza Abedini from Tehran, Iran.


Calligraphy has been one of the greatest forms of art, especially Farsi calligraphy from Persia. Even though I got the chance to explore variations of the Arabic calligraphy throughout my first 2 years of college, located in the United Arab Emirates, I decided to work with a Persian artist. I grew up in a place with Persian influences to my native language and culture, therefore I decided to create my project with elements that resonate with my personal life.


Here, I created a logo, a leave behind piece for the exhibit, an item for sale, and a guerilla advertisement for an exhibition named “Airtype” featuring the works of Resa Abedini. I chose to create a modern logo that mimics calligraphic elements and used the color scheme of Abedini’s neutral and earthy colors. For the leave behind piece, I created a portraiture of Abedini, by composing the cover with mirroring the style of Abedini’s artworks. As commonly used, paper surface for drawing calligraphy, is an integral part of the art form, therefore I decided to use a notebook and a pen as merchandise items. Further, I used the logo as a pattern on a plane to advertise the Airtype.


Fall 2018

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