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Design of Play | Book about Playing Cards

In this project, I created a deck of book series researching different aspects of playing cards. I think that playing cards are the precedent for Graphic Design, therefore I have become interested in the industry and started my own collection of cards from various locations. This inspired me to explore the differences of the decks worldwide,  variations of the kinds of decks, and transformation of the games in these 3 books. The overall, aesthetic for the project consists of hints of game card layouts and shapes to add dynamics to the presentation of sourced information.

The first book is a compilation of interesting facts about the significance of the card games from 4 distinct countries located both in the East and the West. The second book gives concise information about the unique alternatives of the standard card games, including Music & Tarot decks. And finally, the third book is mainly my personal opinions on the current evolution of the classic standard card games and suggestions of the future transformation of the game experience.

Spring 2019

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