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A lil' history:


This was a collaboration with the CARE team that organizes the exclusive Cast Members heritage events for the Walt Disney World. Further, every year, some of the Cast Members participate and compete in the Canoe Races of the World, also known as C.R.O.W. This annual race originally started in 1963 at the Disneyland Park as a part of the Recreation club, later became Cast Activities. Later on, the race has been introduced to the Walt Disney World in 1973 and has been the cast favorite ever since. This specific event became so popular that it has been passed to all Disney parks around the globe with each park having it's own unique version to call their own.


For this year of 2020, Princess Tiana became the mascot and the branding persona for the event. Therefore, I designed a logo, which got reflected over various mediums, including: 

collectable enamel pin
TV/Web Slides
check-in posters
row time posters
parking signage
tunnel signage

 for the actual event. Further, Due to an intense copy write restrictions, I decided to hand-letter the title around an approved illustration of the Princess Tiana.  

In the process of creating the artwork, I became familiar with the pin printing process, restrictions, and timelines. This specific project, like the rest of the Disney related works that I was part of, became delayed due to the COVID-19 and hopefully will be put into production right after the quarantine.

Spring 2020

Enamel Pin 20's
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