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Southlake Stage Theatre Branding

This project was a part of the Visual Systems Design course at the University of Florida. The goal of the project was to create a thematic and graphic identity for a theatre show at Southlake Stage, located in the suburb of Dallas Ft.Worth. Further, the client wanted to promote a show that would have a progressive and forward-thinking image, as well as attract people that don’t usually attend theatre plays. More importantly, this show was required to have an out-of-the-box experience that wouldn’t necessarily fit the theatre industry standards.


Therefore, I decided to create a show that focused on visualizing the mind bending effects of various substances, which would be showcased in Southlake Stage. As one of my interests is to learn about human psyche, I decided to create a show that would challenge people. In my opinion, there is a curiosity in majority of people for the things that are unreal and some use various substances to achieve these experiences. However, in this project I aimed to create a branding for a theatrical show that would achieve the same visual distortions and feelings in a much more entertaining and safe way.


The overall concept and name of the season for the shows is “Under the Influence”. Each show would focus on different aspects of ordinary life and turning it into something unreal as if watching them under the influence. I decided to make the first show by the name “Time & Space”, as it is one of the extraordinary segments of our life and has a broad spectrum of meanings that could be talked/visualized in the Southlake Stage Theatre.


To emphasize the psychedelic ambiance of the show, I decided to use a composition made by collage technique to create a surreal aesthetic. The color scheme and the gradience also added a dreamlike atmosphere to the overall concept. In my logo, I used two spheres separated by a curved line to show the indication of seeing the same ordinary object in a different way by making one of them holo and the other filled in, overall creating an illusion of the letter S to incorporate into Southlake Stage brand. 


Overall, I designed a poster, a magazine ad, branding, app ticketing screens, and a signage for the Southlake Stage theatre. I decided to create a cohesive aesthetic, by integrating key elements, such as color, typography, and layouts on each of the deliverables. Further, for the signage, I used a minimalist light-box mockup to reinforce the psychedelic atmosphere with the rays of neon light.

Later on, I participated in an annual Ligature symposium, by one of the longest student run design organizations, Vox Graphis at the University of Florida. This particular work got awarded with the Best Senior design by our design guests/judges, Eddie Opara and Alexandra Zsigmond.

Key words: Stately, Classy, Innovative, Creative, Dramatic, Performance.

Key concept: Flexibility vs Consistency.


Fall 2018

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